Our Services

Areas of Advice

At FP Wealth Management we strive to make a difference to all of our clients, by utilising the full range of technical expertise, knowledge and experience at our disposal.

We act on behalf of private individuals, trustees, companies and partnerships, providing valuable professional advice across the following areas:

bulletptTax & estate planning

bulletptInvestment planning

bulletptPensions and retirement income options

bulletptPortfolio management

bulletptCare fees and later life planning

bulletptLife insurance and protection

 Our Process


We tailor financial planning and investment solutions to suit our clients in order to create the very best outcomes. To that end, we gain a full understanding of our clients’ circumstances and requirements through a detailed fact finding process and where appropriate, work in tandem with their professional advisers.

Law of Incremental Gains

This is something that lies within the foundations of our business model. Our clients come first, without exception and with that in mind, we seek to create benefits for our clients at every opportunity.

We carefully consider and research every financial opportunity available to our clients; from tax efficiency to forward planning, before outlining detailed strategies and recommendations based on our professional knowledge and technical advantage.

Following approval of our recommendations we implement the individual strategy, which leverages our market knowledge and relationships with product providers. We aim to maximise negotiated discounts and enhancements from product providers, providing incremental savings which benefit our clients.

A Proactive Partnership

We implement the agreed regular monitoring and review strategy and work closely with our clients, with the aim of securing their future financial goals. This approach creates and maintains a valued, ongoing partnership between ourselves and our clients, which works to strengthen their peace of mind and their overall investment journey.


bulletptWe are happy to work on an adviser fee, fixed fee or time cost basis.

bulletptOur aim is always to achieve a balance tailored to each client’s wishes

bulletptWe fully disclose all fee payments and as we operate within a defined structure, there is no product bias.

bulletptClients are kept fully informed of our remuneration at all stages of the process.


to make a difference