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Bournemouth University Partners in Learning



Since 2013, FPWM have been engaged in a partnership with Bournemouth University Faculty of Management.

This framework comprises of a range of courses that cover areas from taxation and law to business and economics. After completing the second year of studies, it is recommended that the students complete a minimum of 40 weeks in a relevant placement. As a direct result of the partnership with the University, FPWM have adopted the long term aim of taking a placement student each year.

As part of this relationship, FPWM have worked with the University in various aspects of the framework including: hosting guest lectures, attending student coursework presentations, and giving feedback in terms of the content of the degree courses and how the university can work to further ensure that the framework is providing students with the most desirable and valuable skills from an employer’s point of view.

We see this partnership as a mutually beneficial arrangement; we are keen to encourage and help new and enthusiastic individuals gain access to our industry.  We are developing a defined career pathway for graduates who already possess relevant skills, aiming to produce professional and technically adept advisers who will be the future stars of the financial services industry.

It is our firm belief that working with Bournemouth University not only makes a difference to the students we work with, but that our incubation and support of new talent is laying the foundations to enable us to continue to make a difference to our clients in the future.

Our current placement student Sophie Brown, also an Accounting and Law student at Bournemouth University, took over from Shannon in August 2016.

Being a fair amount of time into my placement year, I can see how much I have learnt and continue to learn whilst being here. The support I have received, not only to help me in my current role but to also help my university studies upon returning into final year, is brilliant. I enjoy the level of detail that goes into every aspect of the role as it shows the care and consideration that FP Wealth Management give to their clients. I am looking forward to broadening my knowledge further in the coming months with the help of my first professional exam in the early part of 2017!”Sophie Brown

Our second placement student, Shannon Knight, is currently in her final year at Bournemouth University studying Accounting and Law.

“Even though I am many months into my placement year I remain surprised at the amount that I am learning whilst at FP Wealth Management. I started my Accounting & Law course with an idea of where I wanted to go with my career, but my time here has opened my eyes to the opportunities available in Wealth Management.  The scope and detail of the advice that is required is constantly engaging and challenging; allowing me to build on and add to what I have learnt in the first two years of my degree.  I have also gained insight into the world of investment and have developed an understanding of the power and impact of chosen investments. I am looking forward to the rest of my placement at FP Wealth Management; eager to take on new challenges and increase my knowledge even further.”- Shannon Knight

Shannon took over from Alexandra Penson, a former Parkstone Grammar School student.

During my time at FP Wealth Management, I have been fortunate enough to have been involved in all aspects of financial planning. This has not only reinforced my desire to work in financial services, but has also broadened my knowledge and experience within the sector; sparking an interest in new concepts I have not previously had exposure to. I have also been fully supported through my first three professional exams which, as well as providing academic context to the work that I have been doing whilst on placement, has created a strong focus in terms of a career path upon graduation from university in 2016.” – Alex Penson

Alex graduated from Bournemouth University in June 2016 with a first class honours degree in Accounting and Taxation. She has since returned to us, working as a paraplanner, whilst she completes the rest of her professional exams.


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